The 5 Food Groups - Negotiating in Relationships

By M. Lyman Hill

     This book helps women understand what men are thinking by teaching them to ask good questions. This book helps couples with communication problems by helping them both understand relationship "power" dynamics. This book helps men understand women better by giving insight to their decision making processes. This book helps you energize your relationship decision processes and redefine and streamline decision making as a couple. If you adopt the 5 food groups you can solve almost any obstacle to fulfillment and harmony. In the information age we can use many tools that did not exist just a few years ago. The 5 Food Groups were invented to help discover the way people make decisions, to make that process simpler and to get couples talking about decision making. Can be used by established couples, and men and women who want to date the right person and find better comparability faster. Use the 5 food groups to ask the right questions.

     What are men thinking? What are women thinking? Why do couples fight? Learn about negotiation in relationships, unequal relationships, how to make your relationship better, how to help your relationship and its members find fulfillment far beyond the ordinary. Internet dating can be fun, wild and provocative, the 5 Food Groups is Internet dating help for everyone who wants a better cleaner faster relationship. It helps you see compatibility issues that all other online tests and filters miss. One hour of your time reading this book will enlighten you. This book by M. Lyman Hill came out of his experience dating online and helping other couples work through the issues of life. From the tame to the wild. ISBN-13: 978-1461185222 and ISBN-10: 146118522X

"Hey, someone has to manage finances, household chores, life direction, free time and sex; whether it is both of you or one of you; life needs at least a little management or things fall apart. There is a law which applies to all things in life: “if you don't put energy into a thing, the thing tends to decay” – this is called the law of entropy and decay is how we can describe relationships that people don't put energy into. Energy does not mean “work, effort, drama”, it means power as in “empowered” relationship members."

"After the millennium I began to research what makes couples happy and to my surprise I could not find many couples who were all that happy. Their marriages had survived but happiness has eluded them. What I mean by happy is fulfilled. In large part couple grew more complacent and distant over time and though some stayed together is was not inspiring. I could sense it in their answers, they were in love and committed but the fire was just not there."

"I used the food groups to ask more refined questions to women. The food groups helped me quickly see how compatible I would be in a relationship with them in the way we make decisions and conduct ourselves. The 5 food groups go beyond personality and compatibility testing to real life situational examples with cognitive reasoning. "

"The food groups were a great way to explore more designer relationships where a woman and I can design a nice workable arrangement customized for us. The food groups opened my eyes to a brave new world. There are thing we can successfully do in relationships to make relationships better, in this day and age we can customize a relationship to make it fit both partners given their willingness to participate in negotiations."

"The 5 food groups are those elements we can and often do successfully negotiate in relationships that are a win for everyone."

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